1 hour1.1794 GIN748 MH/sWorkers: 250.0016 GIN per MH/s
3 hour3.5458 GIN725 MH/sWorkers: 250.0049 GIN per MH/s
6 hour8.0743 GIN733 MH/sWorkers: 250.011 GIN per MH/s
12 hour17.8355 GIN734 MH/sWorkers: 250.0243 GIN per MH/s
24 hour35.3224 GIN730 MH/sWorkers: 250.0484 GIN per MH/s

Balance at gin-eu1.elitehash.net: 0.3693 GIN

Payouts from gin-eu1.elitehash.net: 2804.7415 GIN

Payouts from gin-us1.elitehash.net: 1.8707 GIN

Graph of address hashrate over 2 days

These stats and the hashrate graph are currently cached for 5 minutes each time they are loaded. Next version will have instant load times!