Elitehash Gincoin PPS Pools

Payout rate ▲93.7%

Shared Masternodes!

Rate drop is temporary, back up to at least 97% once we have a bit more buffer against variance. Sorry!
1 hour63.5746 GIN33.9 GH/sWorkers: 6840.0019 GIN per MH/s
3 hour187.97 GIN34.5 GH/sWorkers: 6900.0055 GIN per MH/s
6 hour371.0241 GIN34.3 GH/sWorkers: 6990.0108 GIN per MH/s
12 hour760.153 GIN33.8 GH/sWorkers: 7370.0225 GIN per MH/s
24 hour1409.5593 GIN32.4 GH/sWorkers: 7870.0436 GIN per MH/s
Pending payouts: 14.8233 GIN
Finished payouts: 3770.7221 GIN
Pending payouts: 39.3752 GIN
Finished payouts: 24093.2706 GIN
Pending payouts: 4.9488 GIN
Finished payouts: 119.8031 GIN
Rewards based on shares, blocks don't matter here
Payouts sent in 1h intervals for balances above 0.2 GIN
Balances over 0.01 GIN are paid after 7h of idling
Custom payout thresholds can be set when requested!
Graph of total hashrate over 2 days
EU Example command line:
ccminer -a lyra2z -u Ggw6oWkgVPWqcmy6JjPKfDeXWB3p3ZWfx9.worker-name -o stratum+tcp://gin-eu1.elitehash.net:1 -o stratum+tcp://gin-us2.elitehash.net:1
US Example command line:
ccminer -a lyra2z -u Ggw6oWkgVPWqcmy6JjPKfDeXWB3p3ZWfx9.worker-name -o stratum+tcp://gin-us2.elitehash.net:1 -o stratum+tcp://gin-us1.elitehash.net:1